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SONOROUS LAB  is a company dedicated to provide Audio Production services specialized in the Post Production area, aiming with bravery to give to our clients an innovative partnership. Co-founded back in 2015 by Michael Joel Martinez, Maria T Fernandez and Angelyn Salazar. He’s in charge of audio engineering and music composition, while Maria T is in charge of finance’s department and, Angelyn take care of the operations and graphic arts.


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At Sonorous Lab we are committed with art-based solutions and we had worked in a wide range of projects offering the following services

Podcast Production

We assist you with all related to improve your podcasting experience. We offer launching packages, editing packages, consulting, branding development and more.

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Sound Design & Music

Improve your Podcast, Broadcast, E-book, Feature Films. Incredible sound effects & music libraries plus 10 years of experience in films.

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Artwork Design

Looking for an special work of art to represent your projects? We have worked with podcasters, designers, coaches and we achieved the goal every time.

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Our Podcasts

The Sacred Path of Motherhood Aware on the Air

Niki Dewart, the mother of Haven and Afton, has willingly detoured from a career as an arts writer/curator and rites-of-passage guide to walk the sacred path of motherhood. Over the past fifteen years, she has studied countless spiritual traditions and traveled worldwide to sit with wisdom keepers. In 2005, Niki began a lifetime’s work with her true gurus—her children. Her world is now her home in Lyons, Colorado, where writing, beauty-making, gardening, and chicken tending feed a vibrant and meaning-rich family life. She also is a founder of Applesong, a pioneering cottage school that nourishes the bodies, minds, and spirits of children in her community. Niki leads rituals, workshops, and retreats that nurture the soul of mothering. — Listen to Aware On The Air wherever you find your favorite podcasts… Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Alexa, Spotify, and much more! If you enjoyed this episode, we truly appreciate your subscribing/following, rating, and reviewing it. It helps tremendously with others finding our podcast. Visit our site to know more about Erin and her services as coaching https://mindfulstridz.com/aware-on-the-air/ — Audio Production, Mix & Podcast Editing by Sonorous Laboratory LLC – https://sonorouslab.com

The Mystery Illness that Hit a Health Entrepreneur Rebuilding My Health Radio

Today I’m excited to bring you my conversation with Claire Rudolph. Claire was already the co-founder of the health startup WellTheory when she was hit with her own mystery illness and signs of autoimmunity. But Claire’s health really took a dive during the pandemic after she moved into a home that was later found to have toxic mold. Mold toxicity is, unfortunately, an increasingly hot topic. In this episode, we discuss… ·         The symptoms that led to uncovering autoimmunity and later mold toxicity for Claire ·         How Claire finally linked her symptoms to mold illness ·         The types of practitioners that were most helpful in her recovery ·         The key pieces of Claire’s treatment ·         The importance of lifestyle changes in Claire’s healing ·         The steps she took to heal her nervous system and limbic system ·         Some red flags for mold in homes, plus home testing ·         How Claire’s personal health experience influences her work at WellTheory ·         And Claire’s advice for others facing illness   Claire Rudolph is Cofounder and Head of Product at WellTheory where she brings her experience in (and passion for) understanding and connecting people through technology.  WellTheory offers evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle coaching to reduce autoimmune symptoms and help you feel like you again. The site provides long-term nutrition and lifestyle plans informed by root causes and tailored to the member’s evolving needs. Driven by her own circuitous autoimmune journey, Claire built WellTheory’s product experience to fix the systemic cracks in status-quo care. Prior WellTheory, Claire helped lead product development at companies such as Navigator, PeopleGrove, Bill.com and Dropbox. In her free time, Claire works with Scholarmatch coaching first-generation high school students through the college application process and mentors young women pursuing careers in product management. She is also a certified executive coach who works with startup cofounding teams and women leaders. Learn more about WellTheory and follow the site on Instagram (@joinwelltheory); Facebook (@joinwelltheory), TikTok (@WellTheory); Twitter (@joinwelltheory); and LinkedIn. Find Claire on LinkedIn and Twitter (@_clairerudolph). Practitioners mentioned in the interview: Dr. Annemieke Austin Dr. Neil Nathan WellTheory membership Find the episode home page: www.rebuildingmyhealth.com/symptoms-of-mold-toxicity No matter what health challenges you’re facing, I know you’ll take away insights from my chat with Claire. Listen to Rebuilding My Health Radio wherever you find your favorite podcasts… Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Alexa, Spotify, and much more! If you enjoyed this episode, we truly appreciate your subscribing/following, rating and reviewing it. It helps tremendously with others finding our podcast.   Get a copy of our free guide, 4 Ways to Ease, Reverse or Even Eliminate Chronic and Complex Illnesses: https://rebuildingmyhealth.lpages.co/landing-page-for-4-ways-to-ease-reverse-or-eliminate-chronic-illness/ Follow Rebuilding My Health: Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rebuildingmyhealth Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/rebuildingmyhealth Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/rebuildingmyhealth   Audio Production, Mix & Podcast Editing by Sonorous Laboratory LLC – https://sonorouslab.com

Guided Meditation Everyday Erica

A short and sweet guided meditation focusing on the breath. The greatest medicine inside we have at our side always. 

Video Testimonials

A fear of technology is what held me back from starting a podcast for several years. I shared my fear with a friend who quickly raved about the podcast services provided by Sonorous Lab Studio. After contacting this amazing company, the staff worked with me to choose the perfect intro and outro music, as well as design my cover art. These are services I certainly didn’t have the skill set to do on my own. Sonorous Lab Studio also does a great job of editing my podcast recordings. I can’t speak highly enough about this company, because without them, I would have never launched my podcast.

Sandra Foreman
Founder of The Spa in Me Podcast

Are there different types and formats of podcasts?

Audio Podcasts  Most people associate podcasts with audio even though a podcast doesn’t have to be audio. Audio is the most popular form of podcasting for three reasons. It is easier to produce audio because you don’t need cameras, lighting and video editing software in addition to audio skills and equipment. Audio is more portable…

Podcast Basics

WHAT IS A PODCAST?  Wikipedia tell us: A podcast is a digital medium consisting of an episodic series of audio, video, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device. The word is a neologism and portmanteau derived from “broadcast” and “pod” from the success of the iPod, as audio podcasts are often listened to on portable media players. WHY IS A PODCAST CALLED A…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Podcasting Edition

How do I access the service? Once you send us an email to sonorouslabstudio@gmail.com or fill the form from Contact Us How do I pay? Click the payment option that fits your budget and you’ll be redirected to our safe and secure payment server. We accept credit card payments and PayPal. How about my privacy…