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The Steps that Sped Long-Haul Recovery Rebuilding My Health Radio

I’m excited to bring you our second interview with a long-hauler. If you missed the last one, check out episode 35 for my interview with Beth O’Hara. Today I’m talking with Jessica Drummond, who is founder and CEO of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute. She’s here to share her personal long-haul story. At the time she caught the virus, she was super active and fit. But it left her with extreme fatigue, burning vascular pain and difficulty walking even to the end of her street. She applied her clinical experience to her own case. It took quite some time but she’s back to about 80%. For this episode and the last one, I created a one-page download with a short summary and links to some of the resources and studies Jessica mentions. You can find the link for the one-page summary for this episode on the episode home page at http://www.rebuldingmyhealth.com/long-haul-recovery. In my talk with Jessica, you’ll hear… The steps that helped Jessica progressively improve her long-haul symptoms The impact of getting the shot AFTER she already had long-haul How antivirals impacted her long-haul recovery The role of breathwork, vagal nerve toning and autonomic nervous system retraining The treatment that helped heal her lungs Some mind-blowing science and studies behind the virus and long haul The impact of the virus on women’s cycles And how rest influences long-haul Dr. Jessica Drummond is a doctor of clinical nutrition, a certified nutrition specialist, a physical therapist, and a national board certified health and wellness coach. She’s the founder and CEO of The Integrative Women’s Health Institute, The Outsmart Endo Health Coaching Program, and the creator of the Women's Health Coach Certification. She is passionate about caring for and empowering people who struggle with women’s and pelvic health concerns. She is equally passionate about educating and supporting clinicians and wellness professionals in confidently and safely using integrative tools to transform women’s and pelvic healthcare. She brings a unique, conservative, and integrative approach to supporting women to overcome hormonal imbalances, and chronic pain conditions. She is a sought after international speaker on topics such as integrative pelvic pain management, natural fertility options, optimal hormone health, menopause, and female athlete nutrition. You can find Dr. Drummond and her many educational resources at http://www.outsmartchronicillness.com. Episode home page: http://www.rebuldingmyhealth.com/long-haul-recovery. Check out our one-page summary there. Before we play this episode, I want to make it very clear that – as always at Rebuilding My Health – this was one person’s health experience of long-haul and also of what she’s seen in some of her clients. It’s not intended to help treat the virus or long-haul but to offer some insight into what worked for someone else. Everyone is different so talk with your health practitioner about your own case. Listen to Rebuilding My Health Radio wherever you find your favorite podcasts… Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Alexa, Spotify, and much more! If you enjoyed this episode, we truly appreciate your subscribing/following, rating and reviewing it. It helps tremendously with others finding our podcast. Get a copy of our free guide, 4 Ways to Ease, Reverse or Even Eliminate Chronic and Complex Illnesses: https://rebuildingmyhealth.lpages.co/landing-page-for-4-ways-to-ease-reverse-or-eliminate-chronic-illness/   Follow Rebuilding My Health: Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rebuildingmyhealth Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/rebuildingmyhealth/ Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/rebuildingmyhealth   Audio Production, Mix & Podcast Editing by Sonorous Laboratory LLC – https://sonorouslab.com/

TCC S3 EP6 "Death & Rebirth" The Cosmic Channel

If you ever lost your faith, or find yourself losing faith quickly, this episode is for you. In this solo conversation, I share with you one of the most significant events in my life that took me further away from my trust in a Higher Power. I experienced grief for the first time a day after I turned 18 years old. I decided then & there that since my prayers weren’t answered, there was no such thing as a Higher Power. I felt betrayed, disappointed and mostly angry. For the years after that, I stopped believing in anything. I stopped praying. I went into complete darkness and found myself making poor life decisions. There isn’t one way to reconnect to our faith. For me, it was through meditation and yoga. It was through calming down the noise in my mind. Through opening up my heart. For others, it may be through prayer or immersing oneself in nature. Throughout our lives we may have moments of doubt, of confusion, of loss, of grief. We may have moments where we fall from grace and lose faith. Falling from grace just means we have certain beliefs about God, the Universe, Source (whatever it is you call it), that are against us. We believe that because things aren’t happening the way we asked them to that they aren’t right.In this episode, I share with you how I’ve been using my faith in order to navigate the new experiences in my life. Each moment is an opportunity to gravitate higher towards Love or lower towards Fear.   mariaamiouni.com @maria.amiouni @thecosmicchannel — Edited, Mastered and Distributed by sonorouslab.com

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” ― Oprah Winfrey The Spa In Me Podcast

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” ― Oprah Winfrey   Spas, Resorts, and Wellness Centers The Stonebrook Project  Beauty Changes Lives . Retreats, Events, Festivals, and Venues Silo Wellness Minnesota Department of Agriculture    Artist Residency Programs The Writers in Residence program at Hedgebrook is located on Whidbey Island and has two application cycles in 2022. This program is located on 48-acres of forest and meadow with a view of Mount Rainier. This residency is open to women-identified writers 18 and older. Up to six writers can be in residence at a time, each housed in a handcrafted cottage. The Baer Art Center is part of a beautiful seaside horse farm in Northwestern Iceland, where it hosts short residency sessions, thematic workshops, and art classes for visual artists, architects, and designers. The application process for two-week residencies is now open. Interview With Heidi Chew Osborne, Executive Director of Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center, Fremont, Ohio Heidi Chew Osborne grew up in Warren, Pennsylvania. She obtained an undergraduate in journalism from the University of Dayton with a certificate in retreat ministry. She also has a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry/Theology from Gannon University and a certification in Church Management from Villanova University. Heidi worked as a high school theology teacher for 10 years in Madison, Wisconsin; Chardon, Ohio; and Sandusky, Ohio. She also worked as an administrative assistant for four years at St. Joseph Church, Marblehead, Ohio. Heidi also worked as an enrollment coordinator at Immaculate Conception School, Port Clinton, Ohio for four years. Since August 2019, she has worked as the Executive Director at Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center. Heidi is married, has four children (ages 6-12), one dog, and two cats. Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center Website Facebook Instagram Books, Music, and More for Everyday Self Care The books below are available in our Bookshop book store. As an affiliate, if you purchase a book in our book store, we may receive a small commission. Stephen Levine wrote A Year to Live in the late 1990s. After living mindfully for a year as if it was all that he had remaining, he teaches his readers how living with urgency can teach us to reflect on our worldview and priorities. It's Always Freezer Season: How to Freeze Like a Chef with 100 Make-Ahead Recipes by Ashley Christensen and Kaitlyn Goalen can help us to save time with meal planning. Please subscribe to receive our podcast. You can also subscribe to the written version of our newsletter at https://thespainme.com/. While you’re on our website, spend time finding a spa, retreat, or venue. Production Studio: Sonorous Laboratory, LLC

Guided Meditation Everyday Erica

A short and sweet guided meditation focusing on the breath. The greatest medicine inside we have at our side always. 

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