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SONOROUS LAB STUDIO is a company dedicated to provide Audio Production services specialized in the Post Production area, aiming with bravery to give to our clients an innovative partnership, surpassing all the expectancies every time. With us the benefits are limitless:

  • We offer you a place where you can find the right equipment and criteria, a place with heart and soul.
  • You will have in your disposition the support and guidance of more than tech people, professional artists.
  • We have the passion and empathy needed to take your project to the next level. Our experience is up to 25 collective years in the Audio Production field, offering an art-based solution with the highest technology.
  • We enjoy the support and company of talented and dreamer people. We always have an open door for you, so please take a look at The Sonorous Team portfolio and Follow Us in SoundCloud:


“Sonorous Lab was a life saver for my podcast! I was manually editing my own episodes and it really made me hate putting together my podcast. The first episode we worked with together I could feel the pressure lift off of my shoulder and they made me love podcasting again. They are very timely as I usually get my episodes back very quickly, and they show support by sharing the episodes as well! I look forward to our continuing partnership!”

Founder of #AskLo Podcast on iTunes.

Alicia Renee

“Michael and Leidys at Sonorous have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Any busy entrepreneur knows there is nothing more valuable than your time, and Sonorous provides us with more of this precious resource every day. They have made our lives and schedules much easier! Not to mention their production quality, communication, and production skills are second to none. We would recommend them to anyone looking to up their podcast game, audio or video production quality, and free up more time!” Jake Huddelston and Joshua Uptmore

Founders of The Too Fit Podcast on iTunes.

Jake and Josh - Too Fit Guys - Too Fit Podcast

Jake and Josh


Our Professional Studio has been fully equipped and acoustically treated to be a Laboratory of Dreams.
With us you will find your own sound; even if it is Blues, Soul, Rock or anything that make your heart beat. By our hand your audience will grow and also will do our partnership. We believe in you and your projects.

At Sonorous Lab Studio we are committed with art-based solutions and we had worked in a wide range of projects offering the following services:

          Podcast Production            Audio Post & Sound Design