We have more than a 15 collective years in Audio Post Production for Tv, Films and Games. We have experience in a great number of projects like:

Shorts Films, Longs Films, Documentary Films, Trailers and Teasers for Films and Tv Promotions. Also E-books, Voice Over, ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement), M&E and 5.1 Mix.


The Professional Audio Post-Production and Sound Design services includes:

  • ACX Audio standards (EBooks)
  • Sound Editing (Dialogue Editing).
  • Audio Restoration.
  • Background Noise Reduction (Hum, Hiss, Buzz, Clicks, Clips).
  • Sound Effects (Design, Record and Edit).
  • Mix (Levels Optimization, Equalization and Dynamic Process).
  • Mix down and Mastering to Audio Standards Normalization Levels (EBU, FCC).
  • Delivery to PTF, PTX, Wave, AIFF, MP3 and add ID3 Tags.

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