SONOROUS LAB STUDIO is a company dedicated to provide Audio Production services specialized in the Post Production area, aiming with bravery to give to our clients an innovative partnership. Founded back in 2015 for the Audio Engineer/Sound Designer/Music Composer Michael Joel Martínez by the hand of his loving wife Angelyn Salazar. He’s in charge of audio and music, while she is in charge of the operations and graphic arts. With them the benefits for you are limitless:

  • We offer you a place where you can find the right equipment and criteria, a place with heart and soul.
  • You will have in your disposition the support and guidance of more than tech people, professional artists.
  • We have the passion and empathy needed to take your project to the next level. Our experience is up to 25 collective years in the Audio Production field, offering an art-based solution with the highest technology.
  • We enjoy the support and company of talented and dreamer people. We always have an open door for you, so please take a look at The Sonorous Team portfolio and Follow Us in SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/sonorouslab