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” The audience for podcasting grew significantly in the past year. Today, 51% of Americans 12+ have ever listened to a podcast, with 32% having listened in the past month, and 22% in the past week “. The Podcast Consumer 2019 report by Edison Research

According to Edison, podcasts are booming and the podcast listener it’s more willing to engage not only in the social media world also in ‘the real’ world, buying, subscribing and downloading valuable content because remains as “an affluent, educated consumer” likely to exchange some money for value.

To download completely free the Podcast Consumer 2019 report in PDF format click here.

Also, there is important research that suggests that sound quality impacts our perception of products and services. You can know more about it reading the full article here. In that order, we invite you to do a simple test checking the Top Podcasts rank in Apple Podcast and verify that the audio quality links these diverse themed podcasts and they are all a reflection of respect for the audience through Content Quality and Sound Quality, both sides of the same coin, resulting in an essential partnership between Podcaster and Audio Engineer. These both parts have to feedback and inspire each other to be better and take the show, together, to the next level.


More Than 1,000 Episodes Published on Apple Podcasts!

That’s why at Sonorous Lab Studio we offer a High Quality Audio Service, to help every partner to invest more of the most expensive asset of their projects, TIME, generating quality content. So, as Podcaster just have to “do your thing” while we take care what we love the most: Provide a professional audio experience to enhance and complement your show.

  • Save Time. We know the importance of strict deadlines. Just let us know your posting schedule and we will make it happen. Our experience is more than 20 years in collective work in the field, offering an art-based- solution with the best quality in every episode.
  • No hidden contracts. No Contracts or Automatic Renewal. You can start or stop our services at any moment easily. All the payments are processed through PayPal by yourself.
  • Custom Budget. Every podcast demand is different and so our packages and prices, adjusted to your budget.
  • Online Support. You can connect directly with ours Audio Engineers to have the best podcast experience.

If you feel ready to assume this wonderful adventure with us click the Start button

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